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ColorBlock is a new and exciting enterprise which provides for an outside-the-box way of looking at the usefulness of modern art, color and design.

Created by writer-journalist KL Johnson, ColorBlocks are modern, acrylic-based paintings that boast clean lines, symmetry, a wholly unique painting style, use of the entire canvas and beautiful custom colors and designs that will make any room "pop". Our guarantee is this: you may not think you need a ColorBlock in any particular space, or even that one of our paintings might fit with your design or color scheme. But just try us....

ColorBlocks are now being marketed to realtors, home-staging companies, set/production designers for film, television and stage, and, catalogues. To this end, they are available for purchase or rental.

Artist may also be privately commissioned.

*As we continue to build our site and our brand, we are committed to updating this venue regularly with past and current works.


Found on Twitter @colorblockart / Artist's personal Twitter page may be found @klnotrhetorical.

2015, Kay Johnson