modern art. with a purpose.






                 No. 14



KL Johnson is a Los Angeles based writer-journalist and a native of Rayne, Louisiana. She is a graduate of McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana and is very fond of sharks, boxing and basketball. KL serves as Editor-at-Large and Contributing Writer for The Progressive Press and runs her own blog, itsnotrhetorical and counts 6 U.S. Senators among those who follow her writing. Her works have also been shared and discussed by the likes of Mark Ruffalo, Star Jones and Margaret Cho. She is passionate about such issues as equality, prison reform, animal rescue and ocean/environment conservancy. In 1992, she voted for Ross Perot. It is still her most curious act.

With no formal or even informal training or instruction, KL's art was originally born of curiosity and an appreiation of such masters as Hopper, Rothko, de Kooning and Klimt. This curiosity was more or less sustained by a period of deep writer's block. So, she kept painting. Within a short year of first putting brush to canvas, KL's work could be found hanging in private homes scattered about the country and even in a gallery or two.

ColorBlocks are being marketed to realtors, home-staging companies, set/production designers for film, television and stage, and, catalogues.  Artist may also be privately commissioned.